Buying With Me

Consider me your right-hand man, your trusty steward, your knight in home-buying armor! I’ll make sure you come out of your buying journey with a fantastic new place to call home — and that you enjoy the process the whole way through.

A Gallant Endeavour

When it comes to buying, I’m all about getting it right the first time. I take a lot of pride in the fact that I’ve placed many buyers in condos that they’ve lived in for 10+ happy years! I’ll learn exactly what you want and need, you’ll learn all there is to know about the units and process, and we’ll enjoy every step we take together! Now that’s helping buyers make good decisions.

Creating Your Own Luck

We’ll leave nothing to chance to get you the condo of your dreams for the price you want. Creating your own luck is all about being prepared and working with the right people. I’ll connect you with a team of pros (from mortgage brokers to lawyers and more) so you’re set up for success from day one!

Broker or Banker?

You’ve saved up and are finally ready to buy a home — but first, you have to get that mortgage pre-approval. Do you go with a mortgage broker or banker? Don’t worry, this isn’t a trick question, and I won’t leave you to figure it out on your own! Here’s why you should go with a mortgage broker.

Buying 101

If you’re a first-time buyer, then first and foremost, welcome to the exciting world of homeownership! Next, let’s get you in position for success. Have your deposit funds ready to go and set up a designated night once a week to see multiple listings. Perhaps bring the same friend to every viewing so you get a consistent opinion you can trust. Believe me, you’ll know if it’s the one within the first 10 seconds of walking in the door!

Make Your Investing Move

I love helping people grow and protect their real estate wealth through investing. Helping others find the right condo and the right tenant is something I’ve been doing for years now! See how I can help you reach your investment goals with ease here.

Investing With Me

All Hail, Harbourfront!

After 20 years of living in Harbourfront, helping buyers find the perfect home here just comes naturally! I lived in the same condo at Number One York Quay for 16 years before moving to my Castle in The Sky, AKA my penthouse. I’ve been inside most of the buildings here and in King West, and will give you the inside scoop on every one of them.

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Find Your Holy Grail

Ready to start the condo search? Let me take you on a personalized tour of the area, so you can see the buildings and units you’re most interested in from a local’s perspective!

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Learn More About Buying

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