With Me

How can you achieve success as an investor? It’s all about probability. You want to find the condo that’s most likely to attract a quality long-term tenant and garner a high ROI, all for the best possible price. The great news is, it’s out there! Better yet, we’re going to find it together.

Guarding & Guiding You

Having a background in economics, a business degree, and 12 years’ experience working at an investment firm has armed me with a different kind of skill set than most real estate agents — and it gives you a huge advantage! I see beyond the typical market information and look at the long-term picture to help you grow your wealth.

What Makes a Good Investment?

As an investor, choosing a property with an A+ location and close proximity to transit is a must. But if the listing price seems too good to be true, it might just be. I’ll make sure we ask all the right questions to get the full story. There will be no investor’s remorse here!

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Lender Leverage

Thanks to a 20-year business relationship with my trusted mortgage broker, I can connect you with the best mortgage rates out there. Wondering why you should choose a mortgage broker and not a bank? Find out here!

The Money: Mortgage Broker vs Bank

Plan Ahead

Remember to set aside funds for the future. If you are in this for the long term, then it's better to stay on top of things over the years than to be in a situation where 15 years down the road your investment needs a total overhaul.

Making Your Rental Shine

I put the same effort into preparing a rental for the market as I do with a resale listing. Unfortunately, many agents don’t take that same approach! By making your investment sparkle amidst the competition, we can obtain a higher rental price and find your ideal tenant faster.

… And Keeping It Shiny!

Having a professional cleaner come into the unit once a month is not only a perk for the tenant, but it’s also great for you! Once you hand over the keys to your tenant, you can’t check in on your investment that often. But with a cleaner, you have an extra set of eyes that can report back on any maintenance issues.

Ready To Take On This Noble Quest?

For over 20 years, I’ve helped dozens of clients find the right property as well as screen and select the right tenant. At the end of the day, you want to be a well-liked landlord. So be reasonable, be responsive, and we’ll reach our goal: Minimal (if not zero) contact with the tenant, and increasing real estate wealth!

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